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Pepper Spray

Extreme College Survival Kit

Hi, Those of us with children, especially daughters,  worry when we send them out into the world, when we force them from the nest permanently.  With the Extreme College Survival Kit some of these worries might lessen.  We protect our children to the point that they are not truly aware of the dangers out there …

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Pepper Spray

Hi, I was doing a casual search looking for problems with pepper spray and most of what I found did not concern the function of pepper spray but in the way it is used.  Unfortunately, most of the time pepper spray is mentioned in the news is when police officers are using it against non-violent …

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Be Prepared

Hi, I was watching the second season of Fargo, and in the very first episode Judge Mundt  played by Joan Cusack, a great actress who is under utilized, goes into a diner.  She sits at a table and orders.  Rye Gerhardt, played by Kieran Culkin, comes in sits opposite of her in a booth and …

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