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Home protection and safety

My name is Timothy Smith. My goal is to become Lexington Kentucky’s home protection provider.

Why? With the rise of the use of heroin there have been a steady increase in the number of home and campus break ins. The attackers have no problem assaulting the elderly or young women. One incident a group of thugs followed a family home and put a knife to their baby’s throat to get money for drugs.

The solution? I have a site: that sells state of the art products to combat these problems and keep families and their loved ones safe. It is good to be in a business that helps keep people and their loved ones alive and well.

A few examples are motion detectors that sense movement and set off an alarm to scare of burglars or people up to no good on your property. Portable door and window alarms that can be carried with a person to their dorm, hotel, or anywhere they decide to go to. The electronic barking dog alarm is one of the coolest and my personal favorites. Its technology can see through bricks, glass, wood, and sends a barking sound like an angry dog in the guarded area. These products are just a few of what’s offered.

The main point is I want to help keep people safe from dangerous people. I am glad that I found this business because its fun and an fulfilling. Stay safe out there and come visit me.

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