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Lipstick Stun Gun


This is the first entry of my blog, so I have decided to discuss my favorite item on the site, which is the lipstick stun gun. While I had seen tasers before, I practically laughed myself out of the chair when I saw the first preview for Despicable Me 2 when the lady agent hits Gru with the lipstick taser. While they are different they are still very much alike.

One of the reasons it’s my favorite is that it is so small and innocent looking. Women can carry it in something as small as a evening clutch being only 5 inches long and no one will look twice at a woman if she pulls lipstick out of her handbag. Or a woman can carry it in her hand in a benign fashion. This is definitely one weapon that looks harmless and packs a wallop (3,000,000 volts), because sometimes we need the element of surprise.

People, who acquire the lipstick stun gun, wont have to constantly be on the lookout for the right type of battery because it has a built in rechargeable battery with as integrated charger. And as a bonus it has an extremely bright flashlight. The button for the stun gun is next to the button for the flashlight, so it is easy to go from flashlight mode to stun gun mode.

The lipstick stun gun also comes in a variety of colors (Black, Red, Pink, and Purple) so people can select one that best reflects their wardrobe and personality.

Women need to be careful when they are out and about. While I believe that most people are decent there will always be a small criminal element that will try to take advantage of the weak and vulnerable.

Stay safe everyone.


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