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Mace Bear Spray

How many of you are nature enthusiast? You love to go out hiking or camping each year for fun and relaxation. I myself love getting away from the city with all its fast paced anxieties. Nothing is like getting back to the basics and letting yourself relax and have a good time. However, sometimes you run into certain wildlife that may not take kindly to you trespassing on their territory. You need to come prepared (just in case) to protect yourself and your family from hostile wildlife.

Bears can possibly pose a threat if you come into  their territory unexpectedly. They may attack out of fear or defending their territory from intruders.  The attack may be purely instinct,  but doesn’t make you feel any better if they decide to rip into you. Packing a gun to use against them often fails, and you have a twice as angry bear that wants to really hurt you. Besides, you came onto his territory. He was just defending. There is another, more humane way that will benefit both you and the bear.

I carry( on my website) a Mace Bear Spray that is 260 Grams. This spray will shoot up to 30 feet and cause the bear to retreat. You can make your escape while leaving the bear without any permanent injuries. This spray has a much higher rate of driving the bear off than using a weapon. In other words “ Good for you, good for the bear.”

There are other good reasons for carrying this spray. You could be attacked by other hostile animals or by other people. Believe me, a spray meant for a bear will cripple a hostile human attacker in a matter of seconds. Just remember to get familiar with how the spray canister works so you will be quick to drive off an attacker and not spray yourself.

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