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Robber Stopped with bear pepper spray

Many people working late are at risk for a variety of thefts and robberies. These days addicts are looking for drugs (for their addiction) and they will stop at nothing to get them. Many employees at convenience stores, gas stations, and pharmacies are at a high risk. Most people freeze and give the robber what they want. This, however,  is sometimes not enough for the criminal. They don’t want any witnesses, so they shot or kill them in some other way. You don’t have to fall victim to crimes like this.

Take, the women in the video for example. They were tired of watching their back and being a victim every time someone decided to try to rob them for drug. They knew the police wouldn’t arrive in time to help them so they decided to act. The robber wannabe came in demanding drugs and implied he had a gun. So, what did they do?

One employee had bought a pepper spray meant for bears. Imagine the potency, and what it would do to a normal person. Well, with the video you don’t have to imagine , because it sent the potential robber running away like a whipped dog. The ladies knew that they were the main people responsible for their own safety. They took the proper action and survived the situation. Will You?

It should be mentioned that in these situations you should use proper judgement when to act and not to. You don’t want to wind up getting everybody killed, but you don’t want to die either. The best thing is to talk to police officers or take a training course on how to act in hostile situations. You can also train with the bear pepper spray so you will be quick to act and not spray yourself in the face. Till next time- Stay Safe.


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