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The fun slingshot

Today I want to talk about something a little less serious than my usual topics. Do most of you remember when you were a kid firing a bb gun at bottles or throwing firecrackers and watching them explode. These were some of the things you could enjoy with friends or your family. What I want to talk is my personal favorite the slingshot.

I used to slingshots out of sticks with a rubber band and shoot them at cans or bottles. This is something I enjoyed with my friends or even sometimes with my father. It was a simpler time, but the joy I got with that simple device surpasses most of what I enjoy today. I would fire rocks, bolts, or whatever I could find to put in my makeshift slingshot. I would do this on the weekend sometimes from morning to night and loved every moment of it. Things have changed with technology, but I believe most kids today could really benefit from this simple activity.

The slingshots of today are made a lot sturdier, and fire a lot farther. The specific slingshot I am talking about has a light aluminum frame and has a split pouch. The slingshot conveniently folds down to a very manageable compact size. It fires a distance of a hundred yards. Boy, what fun I could have had if I had one of those in the nineteen seventies.

You, however, have the luxury to enjoy this incredible, but very simple device. Just make sure that you don’t aim it at a person unless they are breaking into your house or trying to harm you. Its power would take a person down at close range. Hope you come check it out at my website. Until you do, have a fun filled life and stay safe.

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