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The practical Kubotan

Kubotans, what are they? They are cylindrically shaped and about 5.5 inches long. They are made of a construction metal and the hand has ridges for a great grip. Their popularity has doubled over the past few years. They originated in japan and became popular in the us when they were introduced to the LAPD for female officers.

They come on a keychain and are sold in a variety of colors. They can be easily hidden on the body and are deceptively powerful. Pressing on somebody’s chest with the end is painful and with force them back. You can strike your attacker in a variety of areas on the body and will cause and instant attitude adjustment. The are a great addition in the self-defense arsenal.

Still you may say, why a kubotan? Well, owing a gun is not for everybody and even you have one there is a number of places that it is illegal to carry it. Not so with a kubotan. It is not legally considered a weapon and anyone is allowed to own one. You can carry it anywhere as your secret protection.

A final thought. Kubotans are meant for self-defense if you cannot get away from your attacker. Don’t try to be a hero and fight the person to teach them a lesson. Get away if you can. Make sure you practice with it so you don’t wind up getting hurt. STAY SAFE!

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