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Many forms of pepper spray

When I was walking my dog last night here in Lexington, KY I heard arguing and yelling from some teens and adults. There was a day when I didn’t pay much attention because it was all about the drama. Now, with all the shootings and people being short tempered, I quickly went in the opposite direction. People seem more aggressive and less concerned about doing serious harm to other people. I, however, was prepared with my Taser and mace in case I was attacked. This is just a reality, of today’s world, hope for the best in people, but be ready to take them down if necessary.

There are too many non-lethal self-defense products I have access to on my website to not use them. There, sometimes, are really not second chances if you are unprepared. To take advantage of and learn the proper use of them will put you ahead of a lot of other people. This doubly applies for people who are less able to defend themselves such as disabled people, the elderly, and women. I want to introduce to the different variety of Pepper Sprays to start you off. There are lots of other products to help you also.

Lipstick pepper spray is a great disguised weapon for women who some men think they can take advantage of. The Wildfire fogger and Pepper Fire Master are two of the hottest forms ever made. They will send and attacker screaming for mercy. That’s because they are made of a very high 18% formula.

The Wildfire Pepper Gel is one of may favorites. It sticks to the skin like glue, and becomes even worse when they try to rub it off. This is a real criminal stopper! There are others, but I want you to come to my website to check them out and tale charge!

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