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Tasers vs Stun Guns

Both tasers and stun guns are effective life saving tools! The difference between the two can be confusing, but is a very important one. The right choice could mean the save your life.

They are both effective in bringing down an attacker allowing you to subdue him or run away. Though they both achieve  this goal, they do it in different ways. The point is they are no-lethal and effective.

Stun guns have an effect on the nervous system while tasers have an effect on both the nervous system and muscular system. The percentage of people stopped by  stun guns is 86% while out of 4000 people tested, none could overcome the effects of tasers on drugs or not.

-The voltage on a stun gun can range from  thousands to millions. What makes the real difference is the wattage. Stun guns have from 7-14 while tasers have about 18.

The distance on a taser can be as much as 21 feet while you have to get close and touch the person with a stun gun.

The cost of a stun gun can be as little as $15 while a taser can cost in the hundreds of dollars. A persons budget and what he/she is most comfortable with can play a big role in what they purchase.

A taser can be as big as a handgun (sometimes weighing about 18 oz.) Stun guns can be as small as 3 inches-very concealable and give your attacker a shocking surprise.

Both stun guns and tasers are highly effective non lethal self defense weapons that have great track records of success in stopping assailants. The differences between them are important for you to know because they both save lives. The one you choose could save YOUR life.

The reason you may be interested in this is crime around you or you just want a good way to keep your family or yourself safe from an attacker. The next step is up to you to choose the right one to keep your family safe.

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