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Pepper spray for self defense and personal protection

When faced with the choices of self defense and personal protection-you can’t do any better than pepper spray. The effects include burning eyes, coughing, and intense pain to the eyes. The effects are even better than a stun gun or taser.

The price of pepper spray is another benefit. Compared to a stun gun or taser you are paying pennies on the dollar. It has kept many women safe and alive. All they had to do was point and spray and the attacker  became the prey. It just don’t get any easier to protect yourself.

The longer lasting effects of pepper spray compared to other self defense products is another benefit. While a taser or stun gun may take a person down for a matter of seconds, pepper spray can incapacitate a person for up to thirty minutes- giving a person far more to escape.

Cayenne pepper is the main ingredient in pepper spray. When spray in the faced it causes great pain, coughing, and burning so much that it drops the attacker to the ground.

Pepper sprays alters the sight of a person by causing their eyelids to become swollen and the eyes to shut down to protect themselves. The pain can become so intense that they want to die and the last thing they want to do is chase you-even if they could. So don’t delay-get the number one product that could save your life.

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