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Why women should carry mace

Every women has probably been in a situation where they need some extra protection for safety. You are walking or jogging at night an you see someone walking behind you. Your heart races and you try to reach your home for safety. You might make it, but statistics are not good for you.

Over 78% of rape victims are women with 22% men. When you are threatened by an attacker, mace gives you a way to disable them an make a get away. There a wide variety of choices on the market today, but here is some information you need to know before you purchase one.

Mace comes in an aerosol can and cause tearing and disorientation of the attacker. The effects vary for each person¬†, but can last from thirty minutes to two hours. After the person is disabled, go find a policeman-don’t try to further subdue.

Also, know the laws of your state about mace. Know if it is legal to purchase and if it is where it is legal to have it. Examples are don’t take into airport, governmental building or police station.

Spraying methods of mace come in several different forms. It will effect the method you carry the tear gas. Delivery methods include foam, cone , fog, or stream.

Make sure that the mace is tested every 90 days and is replaced once a year to maintain its effectiveness.

Mace can be a very good self-defense ‘but proper training is needed so a person don’t wind up getting hurt or accidently spraying themselves. Be competent and that will help insure your safety.

There are other things a women can do to protect themselves. Don’t walk in areas without light, have another person with you if you have to go out a night.¬† let other people know where you are going and when you expect to be back. Keep safe for you and your loved ones-don’t take chances.

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