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The importance of survival gear

Survival gear is something most of us probably don’t think of on a daily basis. An emergency comes like a few winter ago where I live in Lexington KY. The ice made driving impossible and also knocked the power out. I didn’t have a durable flashlight or a heat source to cook food. I told myself that would be the last time I was caught with my pants down.

There has been a leap in technology  and the effectiveness of products that can help you get through a bad situation. Suppose the weather worsens and you are trapped away from food ,water, heat, and necessary shelter. Are you going to be ready? Do you have a compass or something to signal people where you are? This is the age of technology-take advantage of it.

Here are some tips : 1. Make sure you choose survival gear that will get you through a situation-not necessarily the most expensive, but the right one. 2. Have something to purify your water if necessary. 3. Make sure you have some kind of heat source to cook and stay warm. 4. Make your you check expiration dates on food . 5. Take initiative-don’t be a victim be prepared.

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