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Pepper Mace for Defense

In the past, a lot of the alternatives for a pepper spray distribution system were restricted to simply containers. As time advanced you can begin to locate it concealed in benign showing up products like lipsticks, batons and also pens too. Many thanks to the great individuals over at Mace, we have yet an additional

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Mace spray for joggers

Do you enjoy jogging, biking, or just taking a walk at night or just in some unfamiliar area sometimes at night or early in the morning. Most importantly, area you a female who enjoys doing these things? The odds of being assaulted or raped are increasing every year. Some sick crazy person has no hesitation

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Be Prepared

Hi, I was watching the second season of Fargo, and in the very first episode Judge Mundt  played by Joan Cusack, a great actress who is under utilized, goes into a diner.  She sits at a table and orders.  Rye Gerhardt, played by Kieran Culkin, comes in sits opposite of her in a booth and

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