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Mace spray for joggers

Do you enjoy jogging, biking, or just taking a walk at night or just in some unfamiliar area sometimes at night or early in the morning. Most importantly, area you a female who enjoys doing these things? The odds of being assaulted or raped are increasing every year. Some sick crazy person has no hesitation on forcibly raping an innocent daughter, mother, or any female they can. A forcible rape occurs every five minutes in the united states. What can you do to put the odds in your favor?

Women who go out a night by themselves are a psychos wish come true. You need to jog with someone and take a familiar path. Always let someone know where you will be going and take a cell phone with you to call for help. If someone suspicious if following you closely don’t be shy about calling the police and letting them know. Remember, the brutal crimes can leave you traumatize for life. Do whatever you have to keep this from happening. There is only one you, and you need to keep yourself safe for the sake of yourself and your loved one. Believe me, the predator don’t care if you are a mother or daughter.

Mace jogging spray is another great thing you can take with you to further put the odds in your favor. It can be conveniently attached to your key-chain, belt, or just held in your hands. It has a range of twelve feet to put some distance between you and your attacker. It also has twenty short burts to blind the person. Their eyes will burn and when they inhale it they will choke and be gasping for air. Talk about a great deterrent.

Remember, the spray is meant to take them down so you can make your escape. Don’t try to be a hero and attack them- that’s what the police are paid for. Returning home to your loved ones is all that matters. All you ladies out there stay safe and take care of yourself.

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