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The Deadly Forms of Mace

Have you ever been walking in a dark garage at night and have that unsettling feeling that someone is following you? It happens to most of us and we have that feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. It could be nothing will happen, but with crime and assault at an all time high, why take the chance. There are tools that are available to help us and I believe we should use them.

Mace defensive spray is a good start to empowering ourselves against attacks. The good thing these days is there are a variety of different kinds and forms to suit the person and situation you might find yourself in.

I will cover some of the different forms they come in so you will have better knowledge of what’s available to protect you. First, there is the purse hot pink model that is suited for women to defend themselves. It has a range of ten feet and five short burst with maximum power. The next is the gel form which is actually stronger and has a longer spraying distance of about eighteen feet.. It also sticks lick glue to the person , and has more firing burst( thirteen to be exact) to take out an assailant. The last one I will cover is the pepper spray gun. This is my favorite because it has an led light to blind the person and gives better aiming ability. There are a lot more but these are the main ones I really like- but choose yourself the one that fits your style.

In conclusion I want to say that protecting yourself has never been more exciting. You can have a lot of different choices that meet your style and keep yourself from harm at the same time. Mace is an overall good choice to protect yourself from people who would do you harm. As always, stay safe and learn better to protect yourself.

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