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The Multi-Function Stun Gun

How many people actually feel safe when they go out today. There was at time when going to work or walking in the park felt like a safety zone to me. Now, when I go for a walk(especially at night) I walk faster or cross the road to avoid people. This is not paranoia, but a sign of the times when people are more aggressive an brutal towards each other. A good example was a pregnant woman last year in Lexington, K.Y. She had just finished a jog with a friend, when a man who had being watching and following her, attacked and strangled her to death. This was a tragic loss of life to her family and friends. How could things have gone differently?

With the brazen attacks, people must be even more vigilante than before to protect themselves. This is not to scare you, but to provide you with tools to survive the reality of todays world. First, make sure you have a partner with you if at all possible. Second, travel routes where there are a lot of visible people. Third ( this is where I come in) be armed with something to protect yourself.

I have talked about several types of self defense products but this new one really caught my eye. The Stun Master Multi- Function Stun Gun has a lot of features I admire and will keep you alive. The bright LED Light will blind the person while you deliver nine and a half million volts of pain. A three to five second application will cause the loss of muscle control, confusion, and massive disorientation. They will collapse, giving you time to to get away and get help. There is also no shock back if the person is touching you. There is a disable wrist pin so they can’t use it against you.

Remember, when you are out, predators are looking for people who they think are weak and easy prey. Make sure you give them the surprise of their life with the multi-function stun gun. Stay safe and have a good day.

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