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The Flashlight Stun Gun

These days when a person is starting out on their own they may encounter a lot of dangers they don’t know exist. Especially from families who are taught to look at the good in everyone. Lets face it, these days a lot of people will hurt you just for fun or to take what is yours. A single person or single mother living out in a secluded area must take extra precautions. Women are considered by a lot of predators easy targets to hurt, rape, rob, or do anything they want to. Lets change their minds where they become the victim.

The 18 Million Volt Stun Gun Zoomable Flashlight is the latest in self defense technology that will turn the tables in favor of the victim. This device can protect a person in three ways: 1. 18 millions volts to bring an attacker to their knees while you get away. 2. An adjustable flashlight that can blind the perpetrator so you can stun them and get away. 3. It can be used as club because its made out of an aircraft grade hard aluminum. This stun gun was made state of the art to protect a person and bring down their attacker.

Still some people don’t want to make the meager investment to protect themselves because they think never me. I won’t be the one. Unfortunately, this thinking has gotten a lot of people hurt or worse. Someone probably won’t be there when you call for help. You need a back up plan to keep yourself alive until you can get the proper help. This flashlight stun gun is the plan you need. Remember, also, this is just to take them down while you escape. Don’t try to be a hero, that’s what the police are paid for. Till next time, you and your loved ones stay safe.

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