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The Sensational Solar Kettle

Gear like the portable solar kettle are crucial items needed for longer term camping trips. It guarantees, to a reasonable extent ,your water is sterilized and safer to drink. You will not have to worry about getting sick from a disease that is within the water. This gear is also useful for short trips. If your car were to break down and you did not bring enough water to last you the expected time ,it could help you from becoming dehydrated. The solar kettle, can under favorable conditions, boil 3 cups in half an hour. You could have about fifteen cups ready in about two and a half hours, thus supplying the needed water for several people.

Another great reason to bring one of these kettles is that it does not use electrical or other dependent power sources. Also, since it use independent solar power and has no mechanical parts, it has a low probability of breaking down or malfunctioning.

This device could also simply be used as an indoor water saver . The kettle could take in rainwater , then sterilize it for only the cost of waiting for some sunshine. With it only weighing about 3 pounds, it is easy to transport while being on a hike or trip.

Other than boiling/sterilizing water, the kettle could also be used to brew tea or cook some food, such as roman or eggs. Also it can desalinate water so you will not have to worry about finding a fresh water stream. This works great for boating excursions because you will not have to bring as much fresh water. You could stay on the ocean or lake for a longer period of time. It should be noted that, although usually takes thirty minutes to sterilize water under very favorable circumstances , it can take longer based on where you live ,the temperature of the water, and how sunny it is that day. This is a must have item for people who love the outdoors, but do not want to carry huge volumes of water with them.

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