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Awesome Mini GPS Tracker

I was doing some research on the different agencies that are dedicated to finding a missing loved child or loved one. There were many different strategies from putting up posters, amber alert, or, having engraved ID tags. None of these seemed quite right until my eye caught the picture of a Mini GPS Tracker. This technological wonder combined a lot of the features I would want if my child went missing.

First of all, was things really that bad or was it just common sense to have something to fall back on in case of an emergency. I checked the website for the national center for missing and exploited children. I couldn’t believe my eyes- a staggering 2000 children go missing each day. I thought to myself Tim you spend hundreds of dollars on meager things that can be replaced but nothing to help ensure my child’s safety. Well, no more, I have taken a radically different view on how technology can keep my family safe.

The Mini GPS Tracker has a built in GPS that all you have to do is call or text the device and it will send you a text link on where the device is and how fast it is traveling. It even has a call in feature to let you hear what’s going on within eight feet of the device.

There are many other uses for the device. Put it on equipment such as a car for anti-theft. You can also put it on an older family member in case they wonder off and don’t know how to get back. Yes, this to me is the best choice out of all the other alternative for safety and just a good idea. Try to get to know all the functions before you put it into practical use. Have a safe day.

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