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The Master of Stun Guns

Many of you may have heard of stun guns but have what do you know of the stun master stun baton. Well, its been used in the past by police and security guards but has been gaining great popularity with the regular person.

With the rise of violent crime such as rapes, murders, home invasions, and people being outright assaulted, the average person needs some form of protections. Many don’t or want own a gun because they don’t want to kill someone. The baton steps up more than about any other product when it comes to non-lethal self-defense.

The stun Master has a variety of advantages. 1. A rubberized coating for a firm grip and metal strips to give a hell of electric shock to anyone who tries to grab it. 2. A wrist strap with a disabling pin in case anyone does get it so they can’t use it against you. 3. A bright flashlight to blind someone and confuse them. 4. Most importantly, it will deliver 12 million volts of agony on anyone foolish enough to mess with you.

Always remember to check in the state you live in and make sure that it is legal to own a stun gun of any kind. Try to practice with it so you will be familiar with how it works. Lastly, when you do have to use it, run to get help. Don’t try to stay and detain the person -its not worth the risk. Visit my webpage at stun master stun baton¬†and have a safe day.

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