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Family Survival Kit

Do you feel safe in your own home? There are some disturbing facts that you need to be aware of: 1. A robbery occurs every sixty seconds. 2. A violent crime occurs every 20 seconds. 3. An aggravated assault occurs every thirty five seconds. 4. A sexual assault occurs every two minutes in the United states. These are just a few of the crimes against families and innocent people that are occurring every minute of every day in the US. So you ask yourself what do I do?

We have put together a comprehensive kit designed specifically to keep you and your loved ones safe. Everything from door alarms to pepper spray and a manual on how to properly use it. In these days and times it is a must have and a small investment to keep what’s most precarious to you safe.

Many of you may be caught off guard when something happens because you always believed it would happen to someone else but not you. An elderly lady in Lexington Kentucky thought the same thing until some drug users forced her door open and threw her around until she gave up her valuable. She was lucky to escape with her life. I wouldn’t want you to take that chance so check out or safefamilylifesurvivalkit. Until then STAY SAFE.

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