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Benefits of Child Guard Panda

Have you ever been walking through the mall or on the beach with your child and you look around and he or she is not there. This happened to me a a Lexington KY grocery store . My boy was four and he wondered off while I was looking at different cereal brands. I started to panic and my heart went in my throat. If only I had the luxury of a Child Guard Panda. What is that you ask?

It is a backpack shaped as a panda with a transmitter inside. It comes with a receiver held by the adult. It can be programmed anywhere from 6 to 30 feet. When the child wanders outside the programmed area a signal goes off to warn the adult. A very disguised and effective product to keep your most precious ones on earth safe.

The child panda guard is also child friendly. It is not like the leashes some people use to keep control of their children. This keeps the child from being stressed out and you confident that he/she is safe. In other words it is a leash without the leash. It is also very cost effective compared to a lot of products on the market.

A final thought- talk to your kids about safety and not going off with strangers. Tell them to yell out if someone tries to forcibly take them. Make sure you tell them not to take the panda monitor off. Their safety must come before anything. Have a good day and keep safe.

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