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Empowered by Steel Batons

Telescopic steel batons as a means of self defense? You Bet! These light weight steel devices are very  painful when you strike an attacker with one. They are also can be compacted to about 6-7 inches. Imagine your attackers surprise when you flick your wrist and they expand to about 2 feet of steel! I wouldn’t want to be the idiot trying to bully or rob you.

Most people don’t really want to fight, just try to intimidate you. When you whack them with this lightweight steel a couple of time most people with get the message and retreat.

The good thing about them is you can carry them in a purse or holster on your side. They look harmless until you expand them and the person will realize what trouble they have walked into.

What is most important is that you learn how to use them properly, so you don’t get hurt. There are plenty of videos on the internet on how to use them. You could also practice in the mirror or on a pillow to get the feel of them.   So, if you want that extra protection to my webpage and take a look at the selection and great prices!   Also, remember you don’t need a permit to use or carry one.

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