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The power of Diversion Safes

Taking something that someone has earned isn’t a new concept. When the economy is down crime picks up and thieves find it easier to take what you worked for .Here in Lexington ky we had a group of families that would rob houses to support their families rather than get a job. Do you want to be a victim or take action? What is the alternative to being robbed? Diversion safes are a good start.

How can diversion safes help? First you have to understand one thing about thieves, they are on to how people think about hiding things under the mattress, in the ceiling, or in the refrigerator, they are professionals in this thinking-much better than you. The average thief only spends 8-10 minutes in a home. Here’s where diversion safes come in-the concept of hiding things in plain sight puts a strain on the robbers time table.

The diversity of diversion safes is vast. They can come in a soda can, a thermometer, a plant ,an oil can, or my favorite a wall socket. The more time the thief spends looking the less chance they have of finding your valuables.

Make sure if you buy a soda can or bathroom cleaner safe you don’t put it under the mattress, it will stick out. The ideas is to hide in plain sight-put it with other oil cans or bathroom cleaner cans. The diversity of this product makes it one of the best inventions of this century.

A final thought: diversion are a great way to keep the money you earned and the valuables that you can’t replace safe and the thief frustrated. Come visit me and look at my vast selection.

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