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Cell Phone Stun Gun

Why do people attack you? Different reasons, and different degrees of hostility toward you. You don’t know if they are just going to take your wallet, or rape and murder you. These times call for you to get every advantage to escape and get help. A lot of attackers know who they are going to ambush and plan accordingly for it. You need a plan to get the upper hand in such a situation. So how do you surprise the person or persons looking to surprise you? You basically need a weapon that doesn’t look like a weapon.

The cell phone stun gun is such an item. It looks basically like a sophisticated harmless phone you use to make calls on. When the attacker comes at you, he will encounter twelve million volts of stopping power. He or they will be surprised and hurting on the ground while you make good your escape. The phone also carry’s an LED Flashlight to bring attention to your situation. Attackers definitely don’t want that extra attention. This stun gun is one of my favorites and most requested by people in general.

You may still be skeptical about purchasing one of these phones. If you are, look up the statistics of being assaulted, robbed or raped. You will see the odds are not in your favor. Taking decisive action to protect yourself is the best thing you can do. Crime isn’t going down anytime soon ,and you need to be ready. Come visit at my website and you will see that I charge a fraction of the price most places do.

A few additional pointers: 1. Make sure people know where you are going and expect to be back. 2. If you are walking or jogging, try to stay in a populated and well lighted area. 3. Try to have a partner with you the entire time. Until we talk again, stay alive and well.

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