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Shannon Stallard Instructional Fighting DVD

Have you ever been confronted with a with a physically threatening situation when out by yourself or family? There are a lot of people these days looking for trouble or just to do other people harm. I have been caught in a few of these situations myself. I was lucky to escape without harm, but it could just as easily went the other way. One incident involved several men in a car cutting me off at night while I was walking. I new I couldn’t handle them and didn’t know what to do. They turned out to be blowhards, but I could have been hurt. What can a person do in these situations?

Carrying a stun gun or pepper spray is definitely a plus. What would you do, though, if they got taken or you dropped them? I want to introduce you to Shannon Stallard Advanced Combat Tactics DVD. On this dvd you will learn life saving techniques by one of the best martial artists alive. He will teach you mental techniques on how not to freeze in life threating situations. He will also teach you how to deal with multiple attackers at once. He teaches great hand to hand tactics, as well as being proficient in weapons.

This dvd training could be a life saving and changing experience in your life. There is a lot of people who don’t care if they hurt you, your children, your wife, or any other loved one. You can take control and get the skill and training to protect your life and family. Don’t be a victim, come and check it out on my website and learn to be confident in your abilities. You may not get a second chance, the predators out there sure won’t give it to you. Hope you stay safe and come visit.

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