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Guard Alaska for all your bear problems

Are you one of those people who love the outdoors and camping? If so and you like going to different places, some of them are inhabited by bears. There is nothing like that feeling of total helplessness when you come face to face with an angry grizzly. Some people may want to shoot them but that doesn’t always work and they end up being mauled. I have a more humane and effective way to deal with the situation.

Guard Alaska bear spray is the most effective repellent I have ever watched. Since bears have seven times the smelling power of a bloodhound, the effect of the spray is quick and  repels the bear almost instantly. The ingredient ,capsicum is what make the spray “hot” in both human and bear sprays. It causes swelling and temporary blindness that sends the bear running and gives you time to get away.

Does this sound to inhumane? Well, you could use a firearm to protect yourself (which doesn’t always work) or use guard Alaska knowing the bear will eventually recover. Also, the spray is totally safe for the ozone and doesn’t have any chemicals that will harm the environment.

In conclusion, pepper bear spray is a better choice to keep both you and the bear safe from permeant injury. If you need more convincing there is plenty of research out there to back this up. Come visit my page and check it out.

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