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The need for Dome Camera Technology

Tired of having cameras that the picture is so blurry you can’t make out the object? Pictures so unrecognizable that it looks like early 20’s technology? Well, I am about to introduce you to a leap in technology: The outside intellispy DC-HD45-DN with HD outside dome camera.

With a lot of cameras, you have a trailing, blurry effect. This especially true if the object is moving fast. This camera takes crystal clear picture where you can see the license plate. It is good for inside or outside use.

This dome camera also has Smart IR and WDR technology. This means that this camera will adjust to the amount of light and gives you a crystal clear picture. You can stick with the old analog technology or check out this smart technology that gives you all you need.

Remember, intruders are expecting something that will not be able to catch them if they are fast and clever enough. This technology, however, works with the environment and catches them on camera no matter what they do. Check them out on my web page and get one now.


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