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Many uses of paracord

Hi, When I need to pull something not huge to tie, something I often like paracord. Why paracord? It has many uses that could help in everyday life. There are many options for rope because it does not rot and is incredibly strong. I often use paracord for things such as tying luggage down on top of cars or tying down nets. Paracord was invented in WWII to hold the parachute. It was so useful that it was often cut from the parachute. Because it cannot only be used as rope, but when cut open it had 7 strands. These strands could be used as things, such as stitching material to floss. Though if you were tried to do so ,I STRONGLY RECONMEND you boil it first or it could cause an infection.

I have used paracord for many things, though it makes nice gear, such as bracelets and belts These can be useful. When taken apart in an emergency ,They can be repurposed for things such as stitching, slings, or even fishing lines. Since it is only 1/8 of an inch in diameter , this allows it so that a belt of the stuff can contain more than 90ft of Paracord that can hold up to 550 pounds.

Just in case you are wandering about color true military grade Paracord is only in black or camouflage colors. If you want other colors, you will have to get non military Para cord. This may not as good, but still has the 550 pound breaking strength.

Paracord is an essential piece of equipment for any survival kit to survival gear enthusiasts. ). I hope you take this article to heart and that if you are ever in trouble Paracord will come to save the day.

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