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The power of the pretender stun gun

The pretender stun gun is a great way for you to protect yourself without your attacker even aware that you are armed! It has 4.5 million volts of stopping power that will leave the perpetrator wishing he never met you. You have to come  in contact with the person with the two prongs on top of the device. It can penetrate as much as ½ inch of clothing.

The amount of contact time will have different results on your assailant. A fourth of a second will startle your attacker. Mental confusion and falling down are normal for a one or two second application. Three to five seconds contact will cause muscle spasms, confusion, and major disorientation. Your attacker will be immobilized and you can get away to get help. The most effective places to use the stun gun is shoulder, lower rib cage, and upper hip area.

There are other great benefits to this stun gun. There are no permeant effects as with a firearm or other lethal weapon. The small size allows you to carry an conceal it in many places such as pocket, handbag, or belt. You will know its on win the led flashlight it has is activated. It has must be in on position before discharging, so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

Remember always to get proper training. You don’t want to accidently hurt yourself or a friend. Also, as with anything, make sure that the state you are living in allows for the purchase of this kind of self defense. This will keep you legally out of trouble.

A final thought- this is a great buy and a great way to protect your family and home. They are definitely worth the meager investment because they can’t be replaced.

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