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Keeping our ladies safe

I want to cover a topic that has been touched upon in my other blogs. Women being abused, beaten, raped, and killed by either people they know or strangers. The video that goes with this blog is a lot more graphic and violent than my usual ones. This is a warning to people who may be more sensitive to videos like this. I felt that I had to show this video to impress the realities that are going on in our society. When you watch this just remember, these things do actually occur and need to be dealt with.

Crime is nothing new to our society. Ever since man figured out he could build an army and impose his will on his neighbor, he has done so. Certain individual in our society, today ,don’t hold the values of treating other people with the respect they deserve. Some go even further and commit violent acts to take what someone has earned. Others go even farther to commit sexual crimes against others, especially women. I sell products to help give these women an edges to fight back. They can then turn the tables against their abusers. This empowers them to feel safer and teach their sons and daughters to protect themselves.

I have mentioned some of the main products such as stun guns, mace, pepper sprays, and hidden cameras. They are created to prevent the crime from happening in the first place. I have others such as steel batons, home and window alarms, and many others to protect those people you care about. These are not just products, they allow a way of life with more security and safety.

With a closing statement just remember, these crimes against women especially, are not acceptable and can be prevented. The ladies in all of our lives deserve to be safe from violence. Hope to hear from you and stay safe.

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