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The importance of Bear Mace Pepper Spray

There have been a lot of stories about bear attacks. Some people believe they are exaggerated to make news and controversy. The video I have put on my site shows how real the attacks are, and how helpless the victims felt against the bear attack. The raw power of a bear is much greater than a human, and will overwhelm a person instantly. Going camping or hiking unprepared leaves a person and his family helpless against a bear attack. It is too late to wish you had come prepared when the bear is upon you.

There are a number of people who are nature enthusiasts. They love being out in the wild ,and being around the creatures that come with it. There is, however a realism that comes with the dangers associated with this lifestyle. Human is no longer at the top of the food chain. Bears, especially, can be very unpredictable by nature. They may feel threatened by reason that are not known to a person. Will you be ready when this happens? What are you willing to do to make sure you stay alive. I have a non-lethal alternative to people who don’t like to kill animals.

My bear mace pepper spray will spray up to thirty feet and repel the attack. It saved the life of famous nature enthusiasts Jack Hanna. He loves all things nature and didn’t want to kill or severely wound the animal. Besides, you got to remember ;that guns often don’t do the job. You have a wounded, very angry creature that wants to rip you to shreds. The bear pepper spray gives you the best chance of both you and the animal coming out alive. This is really what you want. Remember, you probably came into his territory. He probably thought hes was just defending his home.

A final thought. Your families safety is the number one consideration when you are going out into wilderness territories that are hostile. Taking a little extra effort to keep them safe pays off big. Come check out my bear spray and stay safe.


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