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Demonstration of our Personal Protection Products

I have talked before about the products on my website My name is Timothy Smith and I live in Lexington, KY. My main goal is to become the distirbutor in Lexington for non- lethal defense products. I have talked ,before, about the many different kind of different items such as pepper spray, stun guns mace, security cameras, steel batons, and many more items that help guard you day to day safety. Today, I want to show you a demo video of some of these many different products and how they work.This will give you an inside view of the awesome ability and the high quality of which they are made.

The compilation of these products was well thought out and put together by a group of knowledgeable people. This video is somewhat longer than most to demonstrate all the different products available, but it is very informative and well worth watching. Showing a hands on approach will also demonstrate the
effectiveness and power of these products to protect you. It is also fun to watch the reactions of these products when they are demonsrated.

Also, try to remember to take notes on the products you are most interested in. Some may seem the same, but they can have slight differences that will be the deciding factor if the product is for you. One of the best things is that there is a variety of different pepper sprays, stun guns, and other products to give you more than enough choices.
I want to wrap this up with telling you that I was at the demonstration and enjoyed it very much. The people were very friendly and professional. They took time to show us how the products worked and answered our questions. What I really liked, was their philosophy. Their philosophy was that this was a way of life to be proactive in you safety, not a victim to any criminal who would hurt you. I hoped you have gotten something form my insight. I hope you get even more from the video!

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