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What are Tasers and how do they work?

What do we know about the effects a Taser has on a person, and where did the Taser originate. Taser International started producing Tasers in 1993 for people who wanted protection but not permanently injure or kill someone. They have been improving since then to make the Tasers more effective.

What makes Tasers so special and how do they work? Unlike stun guns, you don’t have to get close to touch the person. They fire a distance as great a fifteen feet with great accuracy. They fire two probes that attach to a persons clothes ,and deliver a timed jolt that will leave the person either unconscious or in a helpless state. They dispense little tags that are coded and can be used by law enforcement to identify who the Taser belongs to. This will prevent misuse by felons who can be tracked if they use them against innocent people.

Tasers are being use more and more by both police and citizens. Taser International boasts an almost one hundred percent taken capacity. Other studies show as much as a 90% taken down ratio. The main benefit is you can take down a person without permanently damaging their body. They have enough high voltage but low amperage to take down the person quickly ,but not do permeant damage to them.

You may still ask, do I want to own one. Well, with the growing crime rate and their great record of success, it would seem like a pretty good idea for self-defense. When you do get one, it would be a good idea to practice so you will be knowledgeable in its use. Also, may sure you check with your state to make sure it is legal to own one. There are only a few states that don’t allow them for civilians, but it would be wise to make sure.


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