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Multi-Function Survival Business Card

I don’t know if the Multi-function Survival Business Card would guarantee my survival.  It probably would not help during a terrorist attack or a simple house fire.  It would be of little use trying to hack a path through the Amazon Jungle or climbing down a mountain.
On the other hand, this multi-function card can be quite beneficial in a variety of situations.  With all of its abilities, it being so small is one of its best.  This card shaped device is actually smaller than a credit card, so it fits exceptionally well in a wallet, pocket book, or any size purse.  Even though it is thin, it is not easily bent.  While some may be concerned because of it’s sharp cutting edge, the card comes with a protective sleeve which will protect whatever it is placed in without adding any real bulk allowing it to still fit inside the average wallet.  If a person did not want to keep the card in their wallet, it can be attached to a key chain or a lanyard through a hole in the corner.
Since the multi-function card can fit in a wallet or purse, it can be close my in most situations.  If something needs to be cut it has both knife edge and a serrated edge, so chopping and sawing are both possible.  While it might aid in your survival, if you are trapped by your seatbelt in your car, since your wallet would be within easy reach.  I would most likely use it while camping.  The knife can be used to chop vegetables, the serrated blade can be used to saw through ropes or cords.  There is a can opener, a flathead screwdriver on the corner and a bottle opener.  There is a wing nut wrench, and 2-position wrench and a 4-position wrench.
This is a great tool for camping, it has multiple useful functions, small and light weight.

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