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The Garrett SuperWand

I was discussing how to prevent certain kinds of weapons and threats from coming into our homes schools, daycares, bars and any other places we consider safe. We have security cameras and guards who help us to a certain degree, but as the Orlando shooting proved- they are not nearly enough in these days and times. We need to step up our security and be more vigilant than ever with the escalating amount of gun and other types of violence.

I want to introduce you to the Garrett Superwand. This wand can detect any kind of metal weapons such as guns, knives, pipes, and other hand make metal¬† weapons. The Garrett¬†Superwand has a three hundred sixty degree detecting capability. Even the edge is very sensitive to any kind of hidden metal. It has a power button on top and can be put into silent mode where needed. This may incudes places such as churches, court houses, and other places it’s prudent to do so. This wand was made to be very user friendly to just about anybody.

The greatest thing about a high quality metal detecting device such as this is, it can be used for multiple purposes. You could use it for security or just for finding lost metal artifacts. It is truly considered the alpha of metal detecting devices.

I want to leave you with a final few thoughts on the topic. If the person who had brought the gun into the Orlando bar had been required to be scanned, a lot of people would probably still be breathing today. This may seem sad that we have to resort to scanning people, but our children and family require that we do what’s necessary to protect them. So, if you are looking for safety and high quality, come check this detector and other great products on my webpage.

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