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Pool Protector

Well, it is June and the weather is definitely getting warmer,  also the kids need something to do to keep them active and not just stagnating in front of whatever screen is available.  I find that I have no trouble getting the kids to go outside once the pool is set up and they can go swimming.  But every summer there is a new story about a kid drowning in the back yard pool, the pool is just too inviting, an overwhelming temptation. We have been lucky so far, but I don’t want to push it.  I think before I set up the swimming pool this year I am going to get a Pool Protector.  This particular pool protector can only be installed on an in ground pool.
This life saving device is portable, light weight, and self-contained. When the pool is not being used, the pool protector is turned on, if a child or pet fall in, an alarm will automatically sound, sending out a loud pulsating alarm inside your home from a remote receiver.  The receiver comes with an attention grabbing (like the sound wont be enough) light that flashes.  The Protector is set off when ripples hit the sensor, so it does not matter if the child tries to sneak into the pool without supervision or falls in accidentally.  And one need not worry about it being to far away from the pool because it will function as far away as 300 ft.  While the mail unit comes with a 12 volt power supply, the alarm requires 6 D batteries.  One need not worry about the batteries dieing with no one aware because the main unit and the remote will give off a low battery alarm.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.

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