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Nap Alarm

I love road trips, though I admit I hate to drive.  I have taken road trips with my best friend and my sister.  My best friend will start her road trip early in the morning and after a few hours we will stop for breakfast.  We will make several stops so she can walk around and stretch our legs or eat.  My sister has been known to start her road trips at midnight (taking advantage of nearly empty roads) drive all night and then take a nap when she gets to her destination.  She, also, naps before she starts the trip.  Both of them are incredibly safe drivers.
But sometimes it is not a matter of being a safe driver.  People can be far from home because a trip takes longer than originally planned due to unexpected stops, side trips, or minor car problems.  That is when the Nap Alarm can be a nifty little device.  A person is driving down the road has gotten a little drowsy and their head nods forward; the nap alarm goes off waking the driver and telling the passengers if any what has happened, allowing a possible driver switch for everyone’s safety.  This alarm is worn over the ear and has a positioning sensor which is triggered when the head drops forward.
This device can be great for a variety of people.  Truck drivers who have to get back on the road but didn’t sleep well.  People who work 3rd shift but are not use to it.  Students pulling all nighters.  So whether this is needed for safety or just to stay awake and help a person concentrate, the nap alarm could make a great gift.
Later and stay safe and have fun.

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