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The electronic dog repeller

I want to talk about a device that can really have a profound effect on your safety. The electronic dog repeller. I work in parks and I see people all the time with their dogs off the leash. A woman carrying a bat ask me why a certain guy had his two big dogs off the leash even though it was posted otherwise. She told me the dog had growled and jumped at her several times and she would use the bat if she had too. I also, was once walking my keeshond dog and a stray Doberman pincher approached us growling. I admit I was almost too scared to move, but I backed away slowly, praying the dog wouldn’t attack.

The electronic dog repeller gives me an alternative when I am in these sticky situations. It sends off a frequency of 20,000hz to 25,000hz and can repel the dog up to 40 feet. It also has a bright light attached to confuse and blind the dog if it gets too close before you see it. It is a good non-lethal approach to keeping yourself and your family safe if you are suddenly put in a situation where you have to ward off a canine.

There are other good reasons to own one of these repellers. The cost of the device is minimal compared to emergency room expenses. The cost of a bite can run into the thousands of dollars. Why pay so much when it is so easy to prevent. ¬†You can prevent a lifetime scarring of your child because the group of 5-9 year olds are the ones most viciously and frequently attacked. The device is basically a good humane deterrent for the animal. Don’t be caught off guard, preparation is everything. Come visit me on my webpage and always stay safe.

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