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Miracle of Bicycle Micro Lights

How many of you remember peddling as fast as you can on a bicycle in your youth. Not a care in the world, just the wind blowing in your hair and the joy of riding. Sure, every now and then you would fall or wreck, not thinking about your safety. Things have changed since then.

The number of bicycle injuries and deaths have sky rocked since 1975. The number of deaths on bicycles in 2013 was 900 and over 494,000 injuries- some really severe. These occurred more with males and generally with people twenty years old and up.

What are the major causes of bicycle deaths you might ask? Well, a lot of people fail to wear their protective helmets. Some can’t be clearly seen in fog, at night, or in just bad weather that prevents them or a driver of a car from seeing each other. The latter ones could have been prevented in many cases with the proper illumination. This is what I want to talk to you about.

Micro bicycle lights provide illumination up to a mile. They have about 100,000 hours of use and can be attached to the seat, handlebars, and a variety of other places on the bicycle. Remember, that one fatal moment could be avoided if you take simple steps like making yourself visible as possible. I hope you take these words seriously and as always stay safe.

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