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The mighty Taser x2

Crime is on the rise, especially with home invasions and burglaries. A house is broken into every 12 seconds, with a total of about 6,600 per day. Burglaries occur between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Home invasions occur between 6 p.m. and 6.a.m. Home invasions are the more brutal sometimes including assault ,rape, and murder. These two are just a small amount of the different crimes that people need to defend themselves against. So, what form of defense do you want to use that’s best for you?

Some people prefer guns, but they are often taken away and used against the individual. Also, some people are just not comfortable owning a gun for a variety of reasons. Some have accidently shot a child or other loved one returning from a early trip or surprise visit. Having something that can take down someone, but not killing them in case of a mistake is preferable.

Tasers are recognized ,by the police, as good alternative as home defense to a firearm. They are considered non-lethal, and thus are legal to carry in most states without being registered. They have more stopping power than some firearms and can take down some of the most aggressive people. They cause the persons muscles to contract and they collapse. It doesn’t matter if they are on drugs or resistant to pain they will fall.

My favorite is the Taser x2 out of all of the selections. Its dual laser system provides dead shot accuracy. It also, unlike most Tasers, fires two shots instead of one. It also will let you know through self-diagnostic if its functioning properly.  This Taser is designed to be durable and fire about five hundred times. Just think how long this will last. Most people probably would not fore more than a few times during its entire life. Come visit and stay safe as always.

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