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Tasers vs Stun Guns

Today on my blog I want to discuss the differences an similarities between a Taser and Stun Gun. Many people think they are the same device, but they are not. Learning the differences can give you a better idea for what is suited best for you.

What is a stun gun? A stun gun is a device that uses high electrical signals to disrupt the nervous system. They have a high take down ratio, although not as high as a Taser. The good thing about a stun gun is it comes in many forms that people do not expect. It can look like a cellphone, lipstick, or other everyday device that someone won’t expect. You have the advantage of complete surprise in your favor.

The cost of a stun gun is another great advantage. You can get one for as low as twenty dollars. You do have to get in close to use a stun gun, but when you stun the person, they will fall. Even if they are touching you, the electrical shock won’t come back and effect you.

The Taser has almost a 100% take down ratio. They can be used for both close and far range take down.

A Taser , unlike the stun gun, effects both the muscular and nervous systems. It also has a higher wattage. The higher wattage makes all the difference on take down capacity. For instance, someone on drugs or hyped up can sometimes plow through the effects of a stun gun. They can’t, however, resist the power of a Taser- they will go down drugs or crazy, The only con (if it can be considered this) is the price of a Taser. You may pay anywhere from four to six hundred dollars.

Which one is better? Well, for total take down power , the Taser wins. Also, remember, the Taser can be used both short and long range. However, don’t count th stun gun out. For price and high take down capacity, you can’t beat it. Don’t be without one or the other, come check them out on my website.

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