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The Amazing Bashlite Stun Gun

There was a time, when I lived in the country, that I took going out at night and feeling safe for granted.I then joined the military and learned a little bit more on how the real world worked. There was times when I was confronted by people who wanted to do me harm for no reason. I am only five foot seven, and there was many of times that I was probably outmatched. I took self-defense courses, but I knew that that was only part of the equation to feel safe and secure. I kept looking for something to give me that edge, and I finally found safety products.

The Bashlite fifteen million volt stun gun really caught my eye of the safety products available. It carries a vast amount of take down power, and can also be used as a club if necessary. The price is very agreeable compared to a lot of other products. Even if someone grabs you while you are stunning them, you will not be affected. You don’t have to have a permit to carry one, and they are legal in all but a few states. It is always a good idea to practice with the stun gun. You can deploy it faster and be more accurate. There are certain places on the body that are more vulnerable than others.

Now that you have been given information on this product, you can get one for your safety. Just ask yourself, do I really want to be caught without that extra edge of protection to keep me safe? You know inside that you you could protect yourself and your family better. Also, you don’t have the mess of shooting someone with a firearm.

A few final thoughts. Don’t be a hero! Stun the person and go for help. When you do go out, try to stay in lighted areas to make yourself less of a target. Come visit us and check out all of the neat products we have for your safety.



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