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The Lethal L’il Guy

These days, just taking a walk or run can be full of surprises. Some of them are unexpected and often filled with danger. I remember a while back I was taking a walk in downtown Lexington, KY when do rather large when approached me. One stood beside me and literally demanded money from me. His even larger partner stood looming over me from behind for the intimidation factor. I gave them a dollar(which is all I had because I thought it was better than getting hurt. I am only about f 5’7 and have no real fighting ability to match both of them. This made me think of what I could do to protect myself in the future. That’s when I discovered a self defense item I could legally conceal and defend myself!

The stun Master L’il  guy stun gun was a very good way to protect myself and take my attacker by surprise. This little beast will fit in your hand unseen and deliver 7,500,000 volts of punishment to anyone that tries to hurt or take advantage of you. It is a great alternative to the more bulky stun guns that can be seen by predator. The advantage of surprise can mean the difference of you walking away unhurt or your attacker doing anything they want to you.

You have to think, for the meager price it is a good trade for your safety. There are other precautions such as walking with a partner, taking areas well lit, and letting people know where you are going and when you expect to return that adds to your safety. The L’il guy stun gun can make sure you stay safe and get away until you can contact help. Lastly, don’t try to stay and detain or fight the person. Your main objective is to return home safe to the people who love you. Stay safe, alert, and educated on your area and the tools to keep yourself alive.

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