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The ultimate Spy Recording Glasses

Have you ever watched those old movies with super spy technology. They are the classic things from our childhood that thrilled and excited us with its futuristic technology. Well, many of these science fiction gadgets are actually being made into reality. From the moving walls to contacting people on a giant screen. Technology has come a long way since the early 1950’s and 60’s.

Hidden cameras are probably one of the greatest improvement since those early times. They come in many forms such as ties, baseball caps, and my favorite Eye Glasses Spy Camera with built in DVR. This type of hidden camera is wireless and undetectable. The frames are very sturdy and give you that stylish modern look. This is the kind of surveillance you need to have to gather evidence for a variety of different situations. You are recording some situation in plain sight and nobody is one the wiser.

Why would you really want something like this. Well, a lot of surveillance systems cost hundred of dollars, These glasses are a fraction of that price, and a lot easier to operate. They are also a fun way to gather the evidence you need. You can more control the exact time and area of recording. Remember, you can’t carry a hidden surveillance system around- you can the glasses. You can down load all this information easily to a computer. Its like having eyes that actually record everything  you see.

In conclusion, these  glasses are fun, cheap way to gather whatever information you choose  You will also look good wearing them while you secretly record all the important information you need.  They are truly a marvel of the modern age. Hope you come to my site and check them out for yourself. Have a good day  and keep having fun.

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